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"name": "CGMathSwift",
"version": "0.2.0",
"summary": "A collection of extensions for CoreGraphics",
"description": "CGMathSwift is a collection of extensions for CoreGraphics data types to help you perform calculations with them.\n\nFor CGFloat, Float and Double types, it includes functions like lerp, inverse lerp, clamp and remap.\n\nIt also adds basic math operations (+, -, *, /) to CGPoint, as well as lerp and other useful properties and initializers to CGPoint, CGSize and CGRect.\n\nThese extensions are designed to make developing animations easier",
"homepage": "",
"license": {
"type": "MIT",
"file": "LICENSE"
"authors": {
"Emilio Peláez": ""
"source": {
"git": "",
"tag": "0.2.0"
"social_media_url": "",
"platforms": {
"ios": "8.0"
"source_files": "CGMathSwift/Classes/**/*",
"pushed_with_swift_version": "3.0"