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"name": "AppLovinMediationFacebookAdapter",
"authors": {
"AppLovin Corporation": ""
"version": "",
"platforms": {
"ios": "9.0"
"summary": "Facebook adapter used for mediation with the AppLovin MAX SDK",
"homepage": "",
"license": {
"type": "Commercial License",
"text": "\nCopyright 2019 AppLovin Corp. All rights reserved.\n\nThe AppLovin MAX SDK is available under a commercial license (\n\n"
"source": {
"http": "",
"type": "zip",
"sha256": "a9ddfffe147f53608aa2b79d286b98d717775f60211873a687fd7c26361f3d72"
"vendored_frameworks": "AppLovinMediationFacebookAdapter-",
"dependencies": {
"FBAudienceNetwork": [
"= 5.1.0"
"AppLovinSDK": [
">= 6.0.0"
"frameworks": [
"weak_frameworks": [
"libraries": [
"description": "AppLovin turns mobile into the medium of choice for advertisers.\n\nOUR MISSION\n\nEnable advertisers to make ROI-based marketing decisions and deliver relevant content on mobile.\n\nOur marketing platform reaches new users and matches them with relevant brands - ensuring you reach the users that are likely to engage.\n\nWe deliver relevant content to over a billion mobile consumers every month. With AppLovin, advertisers attain their mobile marketing goals."