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"name": "DemoWatch2",
"version": "8.0.22-20160104-1121",
"license": "IBM",
"authors": {
"IBM MobileFirst platform for iOS and watchOS.": ""
"summary": "Build number: 20160104-1121. Use the SDK to develop applications for the Apple iPhone or Apple Watch that use the IBM MobileFirst platform",
"description": "The IBM MobileFirst platform for iOS SDK integrates with \n the IBM MobileFirst platform Cloud Services. The SDK has a modular design, \n so you can add add services that are required by your \n application as needed.",
"homepage": "",
"source": {
"git": "",
"tag": "8.0.22-20160104-1121-ios"
"frameworks": [
"platforms": {
"ios": "7.0",
"watchos": "2.0"
"ios": {
"libraries": [
"resources": "IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation/Resources/mfpclient.plist",
"vendored_frameworks": "IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation/Frameworks/IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation.framework"
"watchos": {
"libraries": "z",
"resources": "IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation/Resources/mfpclient.plist",
"vendored_frameworks": "IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation/Frameworks/IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationWatchOS.framework"
"xcconfig": {