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name: Close up open PRs on a nightly basis
- cron: "0 4 * * *"
on: pull_request
close PRs:
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actions/github-script@0.2.0
github-token: ${{github.token}}
script: |
const msg =`Back in early 2014 we [launched CocoaPods Trunk]( Trunk is the only way that you can submit pods to CocoaPods, we do not accept pull requests to the CocoaPods Specs repo, and so this is being auto-closed. Please see #12199 for more info.
- To push a new version to trunk, you can use `pod trunk push`.
- You cannot amend an existing pod, however you can delete and deprecate a pod. You need to be using CocoaPods 1.0 to have access to `pod trunk delete` and `pod trunk deprecate`. People may be relying on your pod version, so use these with caution.
- If you don't have permission to update a pod that you own, please [file a claim]( on trunk.
const pulls = await octokit.pulls.list({ owner: 'CocoaPods', repo: 'Specs', state: 'open' })
for (const pull of {
if (!pull.labels.find(l => === "Keep")) {
// Close it
await octokit.pulls.update({ owner: 'CocoaPods', repo: 'Specs', state: "closed", pull_number: pull.number })
// Comment why
await github.issues.createComment({...context.issue, body: msg})