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Bauxite: a Linux sandbox toolkit

Bauxite is an extraction of the Chromium sandbox into its own separate repository. The effort currently focuses on making the Linux version available.

This early preview contains a lot of dependencies, most notably, Chromium's base/. We expect to reduce dependencies to a minimum in the future.

Get the source:

  • Install Chromium's depot_tools in your $PATH
  • Get the source:
gclient config --unmanaged --name=src <bauxite_repository_url>
gclient sync

gclient is used to synchronize the two subrepositories, third_party/lss and testing/gtest and also to run “hooks” that will automatically download the required “gn” (generate Ninja) and Clang binaries.


  • Generate the Ninja files (from the src directory):
gn gen out/Debug
  • Build sandbox_linux_unittests (from the src directory):
ninja -C out/Debug sandbox_linux_unittests