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The Google Code-in API Client

API Documentation is at


./ --apikey APIKEY

./ --apikey APIKEY

./ --apikey APIKEY file.csv

Each script also supports other flags. Use --help to see them.


The client library requires requests to be installed.

You can install it with pip or easy_install (instructions) or install your operating system specific package. On Ubuntu or Debian, it is in the python-requests package.

API Keys

Organization Adminstrators can find their API key on their User Profile.

Code Style

We follow the Google Python Style Guide with a few modifications to match the Google internal version. The primary one is the use of 2 space indents.

Use yapf to keep the code formatted nicely. You can set up an auto-save hook in your editor, or run it manually:

# one time setup:
pip install yapf

# format files:
yapf -i *.py


To report bugs, please email