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(IDL_CONTEXT_NOT_FOUND 1 "IDL context not found")
(NO_MATCHING_IDL_CONTEXT 2 "No matching IDL context property")
(DEP_PREVENT_DESTRUCTION 1 "Dependency exists in IFR preventing destruction of this object")
(DESTROY_INDESTRUCTIBLE 2 "Attempt to destroy indestructible objects in IFR")
(OPERATION_DEADLOCK 3 "Operation would deadlock")
(ORB_SHUTDOWN 4 "ORB has shutdown")
(BAD_INVOKE 5 "Attempt to invoke send or invoke operation of the same Request object more than once ")
(BAD_SET_SERVANT_MANAGER 6 "Attempt to set a servent manager after one has already been set")
(BAD_ARGUMENTS_CALL 7 "ServerRequest::arguments called more than once or after a call to ServerRequest::set_exception")
(BAD_CTX_CALL 8 "ServerRequest::ctx called more than once or before ServerRequest::arguments or after ServerRequest::ctx, ServerRequest::set_result or ServerRequest::set_exception")
(BAD_RESULT_CALL 9 "ServerRequest::set_result called more than once or before ServerRequest::arguments or after ServerRequest::set_result or ServerRequest::set_exception")
(BAD_SEND 10 "Attempt to send a DII request after it was sent previously")
(BAD_POLL_BEFORE 11 "Attempt to poll a DII request or to retrieve its result before the request was sent")
(BAD_POLL_AFTER 12 "Attempt to poll a DII request or to retrieve its result after the result was retrieved previously")
(BAD_POLL_SYNC 13 "Attempt to poll a synchronous DII request or to retrieve results from a synchronous DII request")
(BAD_PI_CALL 14 "Invalid portable interceptor call")
(BAD_PI_ADD_SERVICE_CONTEXT 15 "Service context add failed in portable interceptor because a service context with the given id already exists")
(DUPLICATE_POLICY_FACTORY 16 "Registration of PolicyFactory failed because a factory already exists for the given PolicyType")
(CREATE_POA_DESTROY 17 "POA cannot create POAs while undergoing destruction")
(PRIORITY_REASSIGN 18 "Attempt to reassign priority")
(XA_START_OUTSIZE 19 "An OTS/XA integration xa_start() call returned XAER_OUTSIDE")
(XA_START_PROTO 20 "An OTS/XA integration xa_ call returned XAER_PROTO")
(BAD_SERVANT_MANAGER_TYPE 1 "ServantManager returned wrong servant type")
(OPERATION_UNKNOWN_TO_TARGET 2 "Operation or attribute not known to target object ")
(VALUE_FACTORY_REG_ERROR 1 "Failure to register, unregister or lookup value factory")
(RID_ALREADY_DEFINED 2 "RID already defined in IFR")
(NAME_USED_IFR 3 "Name already used in the context in IFR ")
(TARGET_NOT_CONTAINER 4 "Target is not a valid container")
(NAME_CLASH 5 "Name clash in inherited context")
(BAD_ABSTRACT_INTERFACE_TYPE 6 "Incorrect type for abstract interface")
(SO_BAD_SCHEME_NAME 7 "string_to_object conversion failed due to bad scheme name")
(SO_BAD_ADDRESS 8 "string_to_object conversion failed due to bad address")
(SO_BAD_SCHEMA_SPECIFIC 9 "string_to_object conversion failed due to bad bad schema specific part")
(SO_NON_SPECIFIC 10 "string_to_object conversion failed due to non specific reason")
(IR_DERIVE_ABS_INT_BASE 11 "Attempt to derive abstract interface from non-abstract base interface in the Interface Repository")
(IR_VALUE_SUPPORT 12 "Attempt to let a ValueDef support more than one non-abstract interface in the Interface Repository")
(INCOMPLETE_TYPECODE 13 "Attempt to use an incomplete TypeCode as a parameter")
(INVALID_OBJECT_ID 14 "Invalid object id passed to POA::create_reference_by_id ")
(TYPECODE_BAD_NAME 15 "Bad name argument in TypeCode operation")
(TYPECODE_BAD_REPID 16 "Bad RepositoryId argument in TypeCode operation")
(TYPECODE_INV_MEMBER 17 "Invalid member name in TypeCode operation ")
(TC_UNION_DUP_LABEL 18 "Duplicate label value in create_union_tc ")
(TC_UNION_INCOMPATIBLE 19 "Incompatible TypeCode of label and discriminator in create_union_tc ")
(TC_UNION_BAD_DISC 20 "Supplied discriminator type illegitimate in create_union_tc ")
(SET_EXCEPTION_BAD_ANY 21 "Any passed to ServerRequest::set_exception does not contain an exception ")
(SET_EXCEPTION_UNLISTED 22 "Unlisted user exception passed to ServerRequest::set_exception ")
(NO_WCHAR_CODE_SET 23 "wchar transmission code set not in service context")
(ILLEGAL_SERVICE_CONTEXT 24 "Service context is not in OMG-defined range")
(ENUM_OUT_OF_RANGE 25 "Enum value out of range")
(PI_BAD_SERVICE_CONTEXT 26 "Invalid service context Id in portable interceptor")
(REG_INITIAL_NULL 27 "Attempt to call register_initial_reference with a null Object")
(PI_INV_COMPONENT_ID 28 "Invalid component Id in portable interceptor")
(PI_INV_PROFILE_ID 29 "Invalid profile Id in portable interceptor")
(POLICY_TYPE_DUPLICATE 30 "Two or more Policy objects with the same PolicyType value supplied to Object::set_policy_overrides or PolicyManager::set_policy_overrides")
(BAD_ONEWAY_DEFINITION 31 "Attempt to define a oneway operation with non-void result, out or inout parameters or user exceptions")
(DII_FOR_IMPLICIT_OPERATION 32 "DII asked to create request for an implicit operation")
(XA_CALL_INVAL 33 "An OTS/XA integration xa_ call returned XAER_INVAL")
(UNION_BAD_DISCRIMINATOR 34 "Union branch modifier method called with bad case label discriminator")
(CTX_ILLEGAL_PROPERTY_NAME 35 "Illegal IDL context property name")
(CTX_ILLEGAL_SEARCH_STRING 36 "Illegal IDL property search string")
(CTX_ILLEGAL_NAME 37 "Illegal IDL context name")
(CTX_NON_EMPTY 38 "Non-empty IDL context")
(RMI_STREAM_FORMAT 39 "Unsupported RMI/IDL custom value type stream format")
(OUTPUT_STREAM_NOT_VALUE 40 "ORB output stream does not support ValueOutputStream interface")
(INPUT_STREAM_NOT_VALUE 41 "ORB input stream does not support ValueInputStream interface")
(MARSHALL_INCOMPLETE_TYPECODE 1 "Attempt to marshal incomplete TypeCode")
(BAD_MEMBER_TYPECODE 2 "Member type code illegitimate in TypeCode operation")
(ILLEGAL_PARAMETER 3 "Illegal parameter type")
(CHAR_NOT_MAP_TCS 1 "Character does not map to negotiated transmission code set")
(PRIORITY_MAP_FAILRE 2 "Failure of PriorityMapping object")
(NO_USABLE_PROFILE 1 "Unable to use any profile in IOR")
(PRIORITY_RANGE_RESTRICT 1 "Priority range too restricted for ORB")
(NO_WCHAR_CODE_SET 1 "wchar Code Set support not specified")
(CODESET_COMPONENT_REQUIRED 2 "Codeset component required for type using wchar or wstring data")
(IOR_POLICY_RECONCILE_ERROR 1 "Unable to reconcile IOR specified policy with effective policy override")
(INVALID_POLICY_TYPE 2 "Invalid PolicyType")
(NO_POLICY_FACTORY 3 "No PolicyFactory has been registered for the given PolicyType")
(XA_RMERR 1 "An OTS/XA integration xa_ call returned XAER_RMERR")
(XA_RMFAIL 2 "An OTS/XA integration xa_ call returned XAER_RMFAIL")
(NO_IR 1 "Interface Repository not available")
(NO_INTERFACE_IN_IR 2 "No entry for requested interface in Interface Repository")
(NO_VALUE_FACTORY 1 "Unable to locate value factory")
(SET_RESULT_BEFORE_CTX 2 "ServerRequest::set_result called before ServerRequest::ctx when the operation IDL contains a context clause ")
(BAD_NVLIST 3 "NVList passed to ServerRequest::arguments does not describe all parameters passed by client")
(MARSHAL_LOCAL_OBJECT 4 "Attempt to marshal Local object")
(WCHAR_BAD_GIOP_VERSION_SENT 5 "wchar or wstring data erroneosly sent by client over GIOP 1.0 connection ")
(WCHAR_BAD_GIOP_VERSION_RETURNED 6 "wchar or wstring data erroneously returned by server over GIOP 1.0 connection ")
(RMI_STREAM_FORMAT_2 7 "Unsupported RMI/IDL custom value type stream "format
(NO_LOCAL_VALUE_IMPLEMENTATION 1 "Missing local value implementation")
(INCOMPAT_VALUE_IMPLEMENTATION 2 "Incompatible value implementation version")
(NO_USABLE_PROFILE_2 3 "Unable to use any profile in IOR")
(DII_LOCAL_OBJECT 4 "Attempt to use DII on Local object")
(BIO_RESET 5 "Biomolecular Sequence Analysis iterator cannot be reset")
(BIO_NOT_AVAILABLE 6 "Biomolecular Sequence Analysis metadata is not available as XML")
(BIO_GENOMIC_NO_ITERATOR 7 "Genomic Maps iterator cannot be reset")
(PI_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED 1 "Portable Interceptor operation not supported in this binding")
(NO_CONNECTION_PRIORITY 2 "No connection for request's priority")
(XA_RB 1 "An OTS/XA integration xa_ call returned XAER_RB")
(XA_NOTA 2 "An OTS/XA integration xa_ call returned XAER_NOTA")
(XA_END_TRUE_ROLLBACK_DEFERRED 3 "OTS/XA integration end() was called with success set to TRUE while transaction rollback was deferred")
(POA_REQUEST_DISCARD 1 "Request discarded because of resource exhaustion in POA or because POA is in DISCARDING state")
(NO_USABLE_PROFILE_3 2 "No usable profile in IOR")
(REQUEST_CANCELLED 3 "Request cancelled")
(POA_DESTROYED 4 "POA destroyed")
"(UNREGISTERED_VALUE_AS_OBJREF 1 Attempt to pass an unactivated (unregistered) value as an object reference")
(NO_OBJECT_ADAPTOR 2 "Failed to create or locate Object Adaptor")
(BIO_NOT_AVAILABLE 3 "Biomolecular Sequence Analysis Service is no longer available")
(OBJECT_ADAPTER_INACTIVE 4 "Object Adapter Inactive")
(UNKNOWN_ADAPTER_SYS_EXCEPTION 1 "System exception in POA::unknown_adapter")
(BAD_SERVANT_TYPE 2 "Incorrect servant type returned by servant manager ")
(NO_DEFAULT_SERVANT 3 "No default servant available [POA policy"])
(NO_SERVANT_MANAGER 4 "No servant manager available [POA Policy"])
(BAD_POLICY_INCARNATE 5 "Violation of POA policy by ServantActivator::incarnate")
(PI_EXC_COMP_ESTABLISHED 6 "Exception in PortableInterceptor::IORInterceptor.components_established")
(NULL_SERVANT_RETURNED 7 "Null servant returned by servant manager")
(UNLISTED_EXCEPTION_RECEIVED 1 "Unlisted user exception received by client ")
(UNSUPPORTED_SYSTEM_EXCEPTION 2 "Non-standard System Exception not supported")
(PI_UNKNOWN_USER_EXCEPTION 3 "An unknown user exception received by a portable interceptor")