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#ifndef BISECT_H
#define BISECT_H
struct commit_list;
struct repository;
* Find bisection. If something is found, `reaches` will be the number of
* commits that the best commit reaches. `all` will be the count of
* non-SAMETREE commits. If nothing is found, `list` will be NULL.
* Otherwise, it will be either all non-SAMETREE commits or the single
* best commit, as chosen by `find_all`.
extern void find_bisection(struct commit_list **list, int *reaches, int *all,
int find_all);
extern struct commit_list *filter_skipped(struct commit_list *list,
struct commit_list **tried,
int show_all,
int *count,
int *skipped_first);
#define BISECT_SHOW_ALL (1<<0)
#define REV_LIST_QUIET (1<<1)
struct rev_list_info {
struct rev_info *revs;
int flags;
int show_timestamp;
int hdr_termination;
const char *header_prefix;
extern int bisect_next_all(struct repository *r,
const char *prefix,
int no_checkout);
extern int estimate_bisect_steps(int all);
extern void read_bisect_terms(const char **bad, const char **good);
extern int bisect_clean_state(void);