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#include "string-list.h"
struct credential {
struct string_list helpers;
unsigned approved:1,
char *username;
char *password;
char *protocol;
char *host;
char *path;
void credential_init(struct credential *);
void credential_clear(struct credential *);
void credential_fill(struct credential *);
void credential_approve(struct credential *);
void credential_reject(struct credential *);
int credential_read(struct credential *, FILE *);
void credential_write(const struct credential *, FILE *);
* Parse a url into a credential struct, replacing any existing contents.
* Ifthe url can't be parsed (e.g., a missing "proto://" component), the
* resulting credential will be empty but we'll still return success from the
* "gently" form.
* If we encounter a component which cannot be represented as a credential
* value (e.g., because it contains a newline), the "gently" form will return
* an error but leave the broken state in the credential object for further
* examination. The non-gentle form will issue a warning to stderr and return
* an empty credential.
void credential_from_url(struct credential *, const char *url);
int credential_from_url_gently(struct credential *, const char *url, int quiet);
int credential_match(const struct credential *have,
const struct credential *want);
#endif /* CREDENTIAL_H */