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If true, git-am will call git-mailsplit for patches in mbox format
with parameter `--keep-cr`. In this case git-mailsplit will
not remove `\r` from lines ending with `\r\n`. Can be overridden
by giving `--no-keep-cr` from the command line.
See linkgit:git-am[1], linkgit:git-mailsplit[1].
By default, `git am` will fail if the patch does not apply cleanly. When
set to true, this setting tells `git am` to fall back on 3-way merge if
the patch records the identity of blobs it is supposed to apply to and
we have those blobs available locally (equivalent to giving the `--3way`
option from the command line). Defaults to `false`.
See linkgit:git-am[1].