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Specify whether supported commands should output in columns.
This variable consists of a list of tokens separated by spaces
or commas:
These options control when the feature should be enabled
(defaults to 'never'):
always show in columns
never show in columns
show in columns if the output is to the terminal
These options control layout (defaults to 'column'). Setting any
of these implies 'always' if none of 'always', 'never', or 'auto' are
fill columns before rows
fill rows before columns
show in one column
Finally, these options can be combined with a layout option (defaults
to 'nodense'):
make unequal size columns to utilize more space
make equal size columns
Specify whether to output branch listing in `git branch` in columns.
See `column.ui` for details.
Specify the layout when list items in `git clean -i`, which always
shows files and directories in columns. See `column.ui` for details.
Specify whether to output untracked files in `git status` in columns.
See `column.ui` for details.
Specify whether to output tag listing in `git tag` in columns.
See `column.ui` for details.