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Specify the browser that will be used to display help in the
'web' format. See linkgit:git-help[1].
Override the default help format used by linkgit:git-help[1].
Values 'man', 'info', 'web' and 'html' are supported. 'man' is
the default. 'web' and 'html' are the same.
If git detects typos and can identify exactly one valid command similar
to the error, git will automatically run the intended command after
waiting a duration of time defined by this configuration value in
deciseconds (0.1 sec). If this value is 0, the suggested corrections
will be shown, but not executed. If it is a negative integer, or
"immediate", the suggested command
is run immediately. If "never", suggestions are not shown at all. The
default value is zero.
Specify the path where the HTML documentation resides. File system paths
and URLs are supported. HTML pages will be prefixed with this path when
help is displayed in the 'web' format. This defaults to the documentation
path of your Git installation.