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The folder to drop the mails into, which is typically the Drafts
folder. For example: "INBOX.Drafts", "INBOX/Drafts" or
"[Gmail]/Drafts". Required.
Command used to setup a tunnel to the IMAP server through which
commands will be piped instead of using a direct network connection
to the server. Required when is not set.
A URL identifying the server. Use an `imap://` prefix for non-secure
connections and an `imaps://` prefix for secure connections.
Ignored when imap.tunnel is set, but required otherwise.
The username to use when logging in to the server.
The password to use when logging in to the server.
An integer port number to connect to on the server.
Defaults to 143 for imap:// hosts and 993 for imaps:// hosts.
Ignored when imap.tunnel is set.
A boolean to enable/disable verification of the server certificate
used by the SSL/TLS connection. Default is `true`. Ignored when
imap.tunnel is set.
A boolean to enable/disable the use of html encoding when sending
a patch. An html encoded patch will be bracketed with <pre>
and have a content type of text/html. Ironically, enabling this
option causes Thunderbird to send the patch as a plain/text,
format=fixed email. Default is `false`.
Specify authenticate method for authentication with IMAP server.
If Git was built with the NO_CURL option, or if your curl version is older
than 7.34.0, or if you're running git-imap-send with the `--no-curl`
option, the only supported method is 'CRAM-MD5'. If this is not set
then 'git imap-send' uses the basic IMAP plaintext LOGIN command.