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The `` and `` variables determine what ends
up in the `author` and `committer` field of commit
If you need the `author` or `committer` to be different, the
``, ``, `` or
`` variables can be set.
Also, all of these can be overridden by the `GIT_AUTHOR_NAME`,
`GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL` and `EMAIL` environment variables.
Note that the `name` forms of these variables conventionally refer to
some form of a personal name. See linkgit:git-commit[1] and the
environment variables section of linkgit:git[1] for more information on
these settings and the `credential.username` option if you're looking
for authentication credentials instead.
Instruct Git to avoid trying to guess defaults for ``
and ``, and instead retrieve the values only from the
configuration. For example, if you have multiple email addresses
and would like to use a different one for each repository, then
with this configuration option set to `true` in the global config
along with a name, Git will prompt you to set up an email before
making new commits in a newly cloned repository.
Defaults to `false`.
If linkgit:git-tag[1] or linkgit:git-commit[1] is not selecting the
key you want it to automatically when creating a signed tag or
commit, you can override the default selection with this variable.
This option is passed unchanged to gpg's --local-user parameter,
so you may specify a key using any method that gpg supports.