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test_description='git bugreport'
. ./
# Headers "[System Info]" will be followed by a non-empty line if we put some
# information there; we can make sure all our headers were followed by some
# information to check if the command was successful.
check_all_headers_populated () {
while read -r line
if test "$(grep "$HEADER_PATTERN" "$line")"
echo "$line"
read -r nextline
if test -z "$nextline"; then
return 1;
test_expect_success 'creates a report with content in the right places' '
test_when_finished rm git-bugreport-check-headers.txt &&
git bugreport -s check-headers &&
check_all_headers_populated <git-bugreport-check-headers.txt
test_expect_success 'dies if file with same name as report already exists' '
test_when_finished rm git-bugreport-duplicate.txt &&
>>git-bugreport-duplicate.txt &&
test_must_fail git bugreport --suffix duplicate
test_expect_success '--output-directory puts the report in the provided dir' '
test_when_finished rm -fr foo/ &&
git bugreport -o foo/ &&
test_path_is_file foo/git-bugreport-*
test_expect_success 'incorrect arguments abort with usage' '
test_must_fail git bugreport --false 2>output &&
test_i18ngrep usage output &&
test_path_is_missing git-bugreport-*
test_expect_success 'runs outside of a git dir' '
test_when_finished rm non-repo/git-bugreport-* &&
nongit git bugreport
test_expect_success 'can create leading directories outside of a git dir' '
test_when_finished rm -fr foo/bar/baz &&
nongit git bugreport -o foo/bar/baz
test_expect_success 'indicates populated hooks' '
test_when_finished rm git-bugreport-hooks.txt &&
test_when_finished rm -fr .git/hooks &&
rm -fr .git/hooks &&
mkdir .git/hooks &&
for hook in applypatch-msg prepare-commit-msg.sample
write_script ".git/hooks/$hook" <<-EOF || return 1
echo "hook $hook exists"
done &&
git bugreport -s hooks &&
grep applypatch-msg git-bugreport-hooks.txt &&
! grep prepare-commit-msg git-bugreport-hooks.txt