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REM ================================================================
REM This script is an optional step. It copies the *.dll and *.pdb
REM files (created by vcpkg_install.bat) into the top-level directory
REM of the repo so that you can type "./git.exe" and find them without
REM having to fixup your PATH.
REM NOTE: Because the names of some DLL files change between DEBUG and
REM NOTE: RELEASE builds when built using "vcpkg.exe", you will need
REM NOTE: to copy up the corresponding version.
REM ================================================================
SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
@FOR /F "delims=" %%D IN ("%~dp0") DO @SET cwd=%%~fD
cd %cwd%
SET arch=x64-windows
SET inst=%cwd%vcpkg\installed\%arch%
IF [%1]==[release] (
echo Copying RELEASE mode DLLs to repo root...
) ELSE IF [%1]==[debug] (
SET inst=%inst%\debug
echo Copying DEBUG mode DLLs to repo root...
) ELSE (
echo ERROR: Invalid argument.
echo Usage: %~0 release
echo Usage: %~0 debug
xcopy /e/s/v/y %inst%\bin\*.dll ..\..\
xcopy /e/s/v/y %inst%\bin\*.pdb ..\..\
xcopy /e/s/v/y %inst%\bin\*.dll ..\..\t\helper\
xcopy /e/s/v/y %inst%\bin\*.pdb ..\..\t\helper\