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Use this custom program instead of "`gpg`" found on `$PATH` when
making or verifying a PGP signature. The program must support the
same command-line interface as GPG, namely, to verify a detached
signature, "`gpg --verify $signature - <$file`" is run, and the
program is expected to signal a good signature by exiting with
code 0, and to generate an ASCII-armored detached signature, the
standard input of "`gpg -bsau $key`" is fed with the contents to be
signed, and the program is expected to send the result to its
standard output.
Specifies which key format to use when signing with `--gpg-sign`.
Default is "openpgp" and another possible value is "x509".
Use this to customize the program used for the signing format you
chose. (see `gpg.program` and `gpg.format`) `gpg.program` can still
be used as a legacy synonym for `gpg.openpgp.program`. The default
value for `gpg.x509.program` is "gpgsm".