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test_description='corner cases in ident strings'
. ./
# confirm that we do not segfault _and_ that we do not say "(null)", as
# glibc systems will quietly handle our NULL pointer
# Note also that we can't use "env" here because we need to unset a variable,
# and "-u" is not portable.
test_expect_success 'empty name and missing email' '
sane_unset GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL &&
test_must_fail git commit --allow-empty -m foo 2>err &&
test_i18ngrep ! null err
test_expect_success 'commit rejects all-crud name' '
test_must_fail env GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=" .;<>" \
git commit --allow-empty -m foo
# We must test the actual error message here, as an unwanted
# auto-detection could fail for other reasons.
test_expect_success 'empty configured name does not auto-detect' '
sane_unset GIT_AUTHOR_NAME &&
test_must_fail \
git -c commit --allow-empty -m foo 2>err &&
test_i18ngrep "empty ident name" err