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Git 2.25 Release Notes
Updates since v2.24
Backward compatibility notes
UI, Workflows & Features
* A tutorial on object enumeration has been added.
* The branch description ("git branch --edit-description") has been
used to fill the body of the cover letters by the format-patch
command; this has been enhanced so that the subject can also be
* "git rebase --preserve-merges" has been marked as deprecated; this
release stops advertising it in the "git rebase -h" output.
* The code to generate multi-pack index learned to show (or not to
show) progress indicators.
* "git apply --3way" learned to honor merge.conflictStyle
configuration variable, like merges would.
* The custom format for "git log --format=<format>" learned the l/L
placeholder that is similar to e/E that fills in the e-mail
address, but only the local part on the left side of '@'.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
* Debugging support for lazy cloning has been a bit improved.
* Move the definition of a set of bitmask constants from 0ctal
literal to (1U<<count) notation.
* Test updates to prepare for SHA-2 transition continues.
Fixes since v2.24
* "rebase -i" ceased to run post-commit hook by mistake in an earlier
update, which has been corrected.
* "git notes copy $original" ought to copy the notes attached to the
original object to HEAD, but a mistaken tightening to command line
parameter validation made earlier disabled that feature by mistake.
* When all files from some subdirectory were renamed to the root
directory, the directory rename heuristics would fail to detect that
as a rename/merge of the subdirectory to the root directory, which has
been corrected.
* Code clean-up and a bugfix in the logic used to tell worktree local
and repository global refs apart.
(merge f45f88b2e4 sg/dir-trie-fixes later to maint).
* "git stash save" in a working tree that is sparsely checked out
mistakenly removed paths that are outside the area of interest.
(merge 4a58c3d7f7 js/update-index-ignore-removal-for-skip-worktree later to maint).
* Other code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge 80736d7c5e jc/am-show-current-patch-docfix later to maint).
(merge 8b656572ca sg/commit-graph-usage-fix later to maint).