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GIT v1.5.3.3 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.5.3.2
* git-quiltimport did not like it when a patch described in the
series file does not exist.
* p4 importer missed executable bit in some cases.
* The default shell on some FreeBSD did not execute the
argument parsing code correctly and made git unusable.
* git-svn incorrectly spawned pager even when the user
explicitly asked not to.
* sample post-receive hook overquoted the envelope sender
* git-am got confused when the patch contained a change that is
only about type and not contents.
* git-mergetool did not show our and their version of the
conflicted file when started from a subdirectory of the
* git-mergetool did not pass correct options when invoking diff3.
* git-log sometimes invoked underlying "diff" machinery