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git-clone - Clones a repository.
'git-clone' [-l [-s]] [-q] [-n] [-u <upload-pack>] <repository> <directory>
Clones a repository into a newly created directory.
When the repository to clone from is on a local machine,
this flag bypasses normal "git aware" transport
mechanism and clones the repository by making a copy of
HEAD and everything under objects and refs directories.
The files under .git/objects/ directory are hardlinked
to save space when possible.
When the repository to clone is on the local machine,
instead of using hard links automatically setup
.git/objects/info/alternatives to share the objects
with the source repository
Operate quietly. This flag is passed to "rsync" and
"git-clone-pack" commands when given.
No checkout of HEAD is performed after the clone is complete.
--upload-pack <upload-pack>::
-u <upload-pack>::
When given, and the repository to clone from is handled
by 'git-clone-pack', '--exec=<upload-pack>' is passed to
the command to specify non-default path for the command
run on the other end.
The (possibly remote) repository to clone from. It can
be an "rsync://host/dir" URL, an "http://host/dir" URL,
or [<host>:]/dir notation that is used by 'git-clone-pack'.
Currently http transport is not supported.
The name of a new directory to be cloned into. It is an
error to specify an existing directory.
Written by Linus Torvalds <>
Documentation by Junio C Hamano.
Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite