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#include "commit-slab-decl.h"
#include "commit-slab-impl.h"
* define_commit_slab(slabname, elemtype) creates boilerplate code to define
* a new struct (struct slabname) that is used to associate a piece of data
* of elemtype to commits, and a few functions to use that struct.
* After including this header file, using:
* define_commit_slab(indegree, int);
* will let you call the following functions:
* - int *indegree_at(struct indegree *, struct commit *);
* This function locates the data associated with the given commit in
* the indegree slab, and returns the pointer to it. The location to
* store the data is allocated as necessary.
* - int *indegree_peek(struct indegree *, struct commit *);
* This function is similar to indegree_at(), but it will return NULL
* until a call to indegree_at() was made for the commit.
* - void init_indegree(struct indegree *);
* void init_indegree_with_stride(struct indegree *, int);
* Initializes the indegree slab that associates an array of integers
* to each commit. 'stride' specifies how big each array is. The slab
* that is initialized by the variant without "_with_stride" associates
* each commit with an array of one integer.
* - void clear_indegree(struct indegree *);
* Empties the slab. The slab can be reused with the same stride
* without calling init_indegree() again or can be reconfigured to a
* different stride by calling init_indegree_with_stride().
* Call this function before the slab falls out of scope to avoid
* leaking memory.
#define define_commit_slab(slabname, elemtype) \
declare_commit_slab(slabname, elemtype); \
implement_static_commit_slab(slabname, elemtype)
#endif /* COMMIT_SLAB_H */