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#include "path.h"
struct config_set;
struct git_hash_algo;
struct index_state;
struct raw_object_store;
struct submodule_cache;
struct repository {
/* Environment */
* Path to the git directory.
* Cannot be NULL after initialization.
char *gitdir;
* Path to the common git directory.
* Cannot be NULL after initialization.
char *commondir;
* Holds any information related to accessing the raw object content.
struct raw_object_store *objects;
* All objects in this repository that have been parsed. This structure
* owns all objects it references, so users of "struct object *"
* generally do not need to free them; instead, when a repository is no
* longer used, call parsed_object_pool_clear() on this structure, which
* is called by the repositories repo_clear on its desconstruction.
struct parsed_object_pool *parsed_objects;
/* The store in which the refs are held. */
struct ref_store *refs;
* Contains path to often used file names.
struct path_cache cached_paths;
* Path to the repository's graft file.
* Cannot be NULL after initialization.
char *graft_file;
* Path to the current worktree's index file.
* Cannot be NULL after initialization.
char *index_file;
* Path to the working directory.
* A NULL value indicates that there is no working directory.
char *worktree;
* Path from the root of the top-level superproject down to this
* repository. This is only non-NULL if the repository is initialized
* as a submodule of another repository.
char *submodule_prefix;
/* Subsystems */
* Repository's config which contains key-value pairs from the usual
* set of config files (i.e. repo specific .git/config, user wide
* ~/.gitconfig, XDG config file and the global /etc/gitconfig)
struct config_set *config;
/* Repository's submodule config as defined by '.gitmodules' */
struct submodule_cache *submodule_cache;
* Repository's in-memory index.
* 'repo_read_index()' can be used to populate 'index'.
struct index_state *index;
/* Repository's current hash algorithm, as serialized on disk. */
const struct git_hash_algo *hash_algo;
/* Configurations */
/* Indicate if a repository has a different 'commondir' from 'gitdir' */
unsigned different_commondir:1;
extern struct repository *the_repository;
* Define a custom repository layout. Any field can be NULL, which
* will default back to the path according to the default layout.
struct set_gitdir_args {
const char *commondir;
const char *object_dir;
const char *graft_file;
const char *index_file;
const char *alternate_db;
void repo_set_gitdir(struct repository *repo, const char *root,
const struct set_gitdir_args *extra_args);
void repo_set_worktree(struct repository *repo, const char *path);
void repo_set_hash_algo(struct repository *repo, int algo);
void initialize_the_repository(void);
int repo_init(struct repository *r, const char *gitdir, const char *worktree);
int repo_submodule_init(struct repository *submodule,
struct repository *superproject,
const char *path);
void repo_clear(struct repository *repo);
* Populates the repository's index from its index_file, an index struct will
* be allocated if needed.
* Return the number of index entries in the populated index or a value less
* than zero if an error occured. If the repository's index has already been
* populated then the number of entries will simply be returned.
int repo_read_index(struct repository *repo);
#endif /* REPOSITORY_H */