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Git Release Notes
Fixes since v1.8.1
* After failing to create a temporary file using mkstemp(), failing
pathname was not reported correctly on some platforms.
* http transport was wrong to ask for the username when the
authentication is done by certificate identity.
* After "git add -N" and then writing a tree object out of the
index, the cache-tree data structure got corrupted.
* "git pack-refs" that ran in parallel to another process that
created new refs had a race that can lose new ones.
* When a line to be wrapped has a solid run of non space characters
whose length exactly is the wrap width, "git shortlog -w" failed
to add a newline after such a line.
* "gitweb", when sorting by age to show repositories with new
activities first, used to sort repositories with absolutely
nothing in it early, which was not very useful.
* Some scripted programs written in Python did not get updated when
PYTHON_PATH changed.
* We have been carrying a translated and long-unmaintained copy of an
old version of the tutorial; removed.
* Portability issues in many self-test scripts have been addressed.
Also contains other minor fixes and documentation updates.