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GIT v1.6.3.4 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.6.3.3
* "git add --no-ignore-errors" did not override configured
add.ignore-errors configuration.
* "git apply --whitespace=fix" did not fix trailing whitespace on an
incomplete line.
* "git branch" opened too many commit objects unnecessarily.
* "git checkout -f $commit" with a path that is a file (or a symlink) in
the work tree to a commit that has a directory at the path issued an
unnecessary error message.
* "git diff -c/--cc" was very inefficient in coalescing the removed lines
shared between parents.
* "git diff -c/--cc" showed removed lines at the beginning of a file
* "git remote show nickname" did not honor configured
remote.nickname.uploadpack when inspecting the branches at the remote.
* "git request-pull" when talking to the terminal for a preview
showed some of the output in the pager.
* "git request-pull start nickname [end]" did not honor configured
remote.nickname.uploadpack when it ran git-ls-remote against the remote
repository to learn the current tip of branches.
Includes other documentation updates and minor fixes.