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Git v1.7.0.5 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.0.4
* "git daemon" failed to compile on platforms without sockaddr_storage type.
* Output from "git rev-list --pretty=oneline" was unparsable when a
commit did not have any message, which is abnormal but possible in a
repository converted from foreign scm.
* "git stash show <commit-that-is-not-a-stash>" gave an error message
that was not so useful. Reworded the message to "<it> is not a
* Python scripts in contrib/ area now start with "#!/usr/bin/env python"
to honor user's PATH.
* "git imap-send" used to mistake any line that begins with "From " as a
message separator in format-patch output.
* Smart http server backend failed to report an internal server error and
infinitely looped instead after output pipe was closed.
And other minor fixes and documentation updates.