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Git v1.7.1.2 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.1.1
* "git commit" did not honor GIT_REFLOG_ACTION environment variable, resulting
reflog messages for cherry-pick and revert actions to be recorded as "commit".
* "git clone/fetch/pull" issued an incorrect error message when a ref and
a symref that points to the ref were updated at the same time. This
obviously would update them to the same value, and should not result in
an error condition.
* "git diff" inside a tree with many pathnames that have certain
characters has become very slow in 1.7.0 by mistake.
* "git rev-parse --parseopt --stop-at-non-option" did not stop at non option
when --keep-dashdash was in effect.
* An overlong line after ".gitdir: " in a git file caused out of bounds
access to an array on the stack.
* "git config --path conf.var" to attempt to expand a variable conf.var
that uses "~/" short-hand segfaulted when $HOME environment variable
was not set.
And other minor fixes and documentation updates.