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Git v1.7.10.4 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.10.3
* The message file for Swedish translation has been updated a bit.
* A name taken from mailmap was copied into an internal buffer
incorrectly and could overun the buffer if it is too long.
* A malformed commit object that has a header line chomped in the
middle could kill git with a NULL pointer dereference.
* An author/committer name that is a single character was mishandled
as an invalid name by mistake.
* The progress indicator for a large "git checkout" was sent to
stderr even if it is not a terminal.
* "git grep -e '$pattern'", unlike the case where the patterns are
read from a file, did not treat individual lines in the given
pattern argument as separate regular expressions as it should.
* When "git rebase" was given a bad commit to replay the history on,
its error message did not correctly give the command line argument
it had trouble parsing.
Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.