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Git v1.7.3.4 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.3.3
* Smart HTTP transport used to incorrectly retry redirected POST
request with GET request.
* "git apply" did not correctly handle patches that only change modes
if told to apply while stripping leading paths with -p option.
* "git apply" can deal with patches with timezone formatted with a
colon between the hours and minutes part (e.g. "-08:00" instead of
* "git checkout" removed an untracked file "foo" from the working
tree when switching to a branch that contains a tracked path
"foo/bar". Prevent this, just like the case where the conflicting
path were "foo" (c752e7f..7980872d).
* "git cherry-pick" or "git revert" refused to work when a path that
would be modified by the operation was stat-dirty without a real
difference in the contents of the file.
* "git diff --check" reported an incorrect line number for added
blank lines at the end of file.
* "git imap-send" failed to build under NO_OPENSSL.
* Setting log.decorate configuration variable to "0" or "1" to mean
"false" or "true" did not work.
* "git push" over dumb HTTP protocol did not work against WebDAV
servers that did not terminate a collection name with a slash.
* "git tag -v" did not work with GPG signatures in rfc1991 mode.
* The post-receive-email sample hook was accidentally broken in
* "gitweb" can sometimes be tricked into parrotting a filename argument
given in a request without properly quoting.
Other minor fixes and documentation updates are also included.