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Git v1.8.2.2 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.8.2.1
* Zsh completion forgot that '%' character used to signal untracked
files needs to be escaped with another '%'.
* A commit object whose author or committer ident are malformed
crashed some code that trusted that a name, an email and an
timestamp can always be found in it.
* The new core.commentchar configuration was not applied to a few
* "git pull --rebase" did not pass "-v/-q" options to underlying
"git rebase".
* When receive-pack detects error in the pack header it received in
order to decide which of unpack-objects or index-pack to run, it
returned without closing the error stream, which led to a hang
sideband thread.
* "git diff --diff-algorithm=algo" was understood by the command line
parser, but "git diff --diff-algorithm algo" was not.
* "git log -S/-G" started paying attention to textconv filter, but
there was no way to disable this. Make it honor --no-textconv
* "git merge $(git rev-parse v1.8.2)" behaved quite differently from
"git merge v1.8.2", as if v1.8.2 were written as v1.8.2^0 and did
not pay much attention to the annotated tag payload. Make the code
notice the type of the tag object, in addition to the dwim_ref()
based classification the current code uses (i.e. the name appears
in refs/tags/) to decide when to special case merging of tags.
* "git cherry-pick" and "git revert" can take more than one commit
on the command line these days, but it was not mentioned on the usage
* Perl scripts like "git-svn" closed (not redirecting to /dev/null)
the standard error stream, which is not a very smart thing to do.
Later open may return file descriptor #2 for unrelated purpose, and
error reporting code may write into them.
* "git apply --whitespace=fix" was not prepared to see a line getting
longer after fixing whitespaces (e.g. tab-in-indent aka Python).
* "git diff/log --cc" did not work well with options that ignore
whitespace changes.
* Documentation on setting up a http server that requires
authentication only on the push but not fetch has been clarified.
* A few bugfixes to "git rerere" working on corner case merge
conflicts have been applied.
* "git bundle" did not like a bundle created using a commit without
any message as its one of the prerequisites.