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Git v1.9.1 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.9.0
* "git clean -d pathspec" did not use the given pathspec correctly
and ended up cleaning too much.
* "git difftool" misbehaved when the repository is bound to the
working tree with the ".git file" mechanism, where a textual file
".git" tells us where it is.
* "git push" did not pay attention to branch.*.pushremote if it is
defined earlier than remote.pushdefault; the order of these two
variables in the configuration file should not matter, but it did
by mistake.
* Codepaths that parse timestamps in commit objects have been
* "git diff --external-diff" incorrectly fed the submodule directory
in the working tree to the external diff driver when it knew it is
the same as one of the versions being compared.
* "git reset" needs to refresh the index when working in a working
tree (it can also be used to match the index to the HEAD in an
otherwise bare repository), but it failed to set up the working
tree properly, causing GIT_WORK_TREE to be ignored.
* "git check-attr" when working on a repository with a working tree
did not work well when the working tree was specified via the
--work-tree (and obviously with --git-dir) option.
* "merge-recursive" was broken in 1.7.7 era and stopped working in
an empty (temporary) working tree, when there are renames
involved. This has been corrected.
* "git rev-parse" was loose in rejecting command line arguments
that do not make sense, e.g. "--default" without the required
value for that option.
* include.path variable (or any variable that expects a path that
can use ~username expansion) in the configuration file is not a
boolean, but the code failed to check it.
* "git diff --quiet -- pathspec1 pathspec2" sometimes did not return
correct status value.
* Attempting to deepen a shallow repository by fetching over smart
HTTP transport failed in the protocol exchange, when no-done
extension was used. The fetching side waited for the list of
shallow boundary commits after the sending end stopped talking to
* Allow "git cmd path/", when the 'path' is where a submodule is
bound to the top-level working tree, to match 'path', despite the
extra and unnecessary trailing slash (such a slash is often
given by command line completion).