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Git v2.1.1 Release Notes
* Git 2.0 had a regression where "git fetch" into a shallowly
cloned repository from a repository with bitmap object index
enabled did not work correctly. This has been corrected.
* Git 2.0 had a regression which broke (rarely used) "git diff-tree
-t". This has been corrected.
* "git log --pretty/format=" with an empty format string did not
mean the more obvious "No output whatsoever" but "Use default
format", which was counterintuitive. Now it means "nothing shown
for the log message part".
* "git -c section.var command" and "git -c section.var= command"
should pass the configuration differently (the former should be a
boolean true, the latter should be an empty string), but they
didn't work that way. Now it does.
* Applying a patch not generated by Git in a subdirectory used to
check the whitespace breakage using the attributes for incorrect
paths. Also whitespace checks were performed even for paths
excluded via "git apply --exclude=<path>" mechanism.
* "git bundle create" with date-range specification were meant to
exclude tags outside the range, but it did not work correctly.
* "git add x" where x that used to be a directory has become a
symbolic link to a directory misbehaved.
* The prompt script checked $GIT_DIR/ref/stash file to see if there
is a stash, which was a no-no.
* "git checkout -m" did not switch to another branch while carrying
the local changes forward when a path was deleted from the index.
* With sufficiently long refnames, fast-import could have overflown
an on-stack buffer.
* After "pack-refs --prune" packed refs at the top-level, it failed
to prune them.
* "git gc --auto" triggered from "git fetch --quiet" was not quiet.