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Git v2.1.3 Release Notes
* Some MUAs mangled a line in a message that begins with "From " to
">From " when writing to a mailbox file and feeding such an input to
"git am" used to lose such a line.
* "git daemon" (with NO_IPV6 build configuration) used to incorrectly
use the hostname even when gethostbyname() reported that the given
hostname is not found.
* Newer versions of 'meld' breaks the auto-detection we use to see if
they are new enough to support the `--output` option.
* "git pack-objects" forgot to disable the codepath to generate
object recheability bitmap when it needs to split the resulting
* "gitweb" used deprecated CGI::startfrom, which was removed from as of 4.04; use CGI::start_from instead.
* "git log" documentation had an example section marked up not
quite correctly, which passed AsciiDoc but failed with
Also contains some documentation updates.