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Git v2.12.3 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.12.2
* The "parse_config_key()" API function has been cleaned up.
* An helper function to make it easier to append the result from
real_path() to a strbuf has been added.
* The t/perf performance test suite was not prepared to test not so
old versions of Git, but now it covers versions of Git that are not
so ancient.
* Picking two versions of Git and running tests to make sure the
older one and the newer one interoperate happily has now become
* Teach the "debug" helper used in the test framework that allows a
command to run under "gdb" to make the session interactive.
* "git repack --depth=<n>" for a long time busted the specified depth
when reusing delta from existing packs. This has been corrected.
* that consists of only cruft chars should consistently
error out, but didn't.
* A few tests were run conditionally under (rare) conditions where
they cannot be run (like running cvs tests under 'root' account).
* "git branch @" created refs/heads/@ as a branch, and in general the
code that handled @{-1} and @{upstream} was a bit too loose in
* "git fetch" that requests a commit by object name, when the other
side does not allow such an request, failed without much
* "git filter-branch --prune-empty" drops a single-parent commit that
becomes a no-op, but did not drop a root commit whose tree is empty.
* Recent versions of Git treats http alternates (used in dumb http
transport) just like HTTP redirects and requires the client to
enable following it, due to security concerns. But we forgot to
give a warning when we decide not to honor the alternates.
* NO_PTHREADS build has been broken for some time; now fixed.
* Fix for potential segv introduced in v2.11.0 and later (also
* A few unterminated here documents in tests were fixed, which in
turn revealed incorrect expectations the tests make. These tests
have been updated.
* "git-shell" rejects a request to serve a repository whose name
begins with a dash, which makes it no longer possible to get it
confused into spawning service programs like "git-upload-pack" with
an option like "--help", which in turn would spawn an interactive
pager, instead of working with the repository user asked to access
(i.e. the one whose name is "--help").
Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.