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Git v2.3.1 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.3
* The interactive "show a list and let the user choose from it"
interface "add -i" used showed and prompted to the user even when
the candidate list was empty, against which the only "choice" the
user could have made was to choose nothing.
* "git apply --whitespace=fix" used to under-allocate the memory
when the fix resulted in a longer text than the original patch.
* "git log --help" used to show rev-list options that are irrelevant
to the "log" command.
* The error message from "git commit", when a non-existing author
name was given as value to the "--author=" parameter, has been
reworded to avoid misunderstanding.
* A broken pack .idx file in the receiving repository prevented the
dumb http transport from fetching a good copy of it from the other
* The documentation incorrectly said that C(opy) and R(ename) are the
only ones that can be followed by the score number in the output in
the --raw format.
* Fix a misspelled conditional that is always true.
* Code to read branch name from various files in .git/ directory
would have misbehaved if the code to write them left an empty file.
* The "git push" documentation made the "--repo=<there>" option
easily misunderstood.
* After attempting and failing a password-less authentication
(e.g. kerberos), libcURL refuses to fall back to password based
Basic authentication without a bit of help/encouragement.
* Setting diff.submodule to 'log' made "git format-patch" produce
broken patches.
* "git rerere" (invoked internally from many mergy operations) did
not correctly signal errors when told to update the working tree
files and failed to do so for whatever reason.
* "git blame HEAD -- missing" failed to correctly say "HEAD" when it
tried to say "No such path 'missing' in HEAD".
Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code clean-ups.