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Git v2.4.2 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.4.1
* "git rev-list --objects $old --not --all" to see if everything that
is reachable from $old is already connected to the existing refs
was very inefficient.
* "hash-object --literally" introduced in v2.2 was not prepared to
take a really long object type name.
* "git rebase --quiet" was not quite quiet when there is nothing to
* The completion for "log --decorate=" parameter value was incorrect.
* "filter-branch" corrupted commit log message that ends with an
incomplete line on platforms with some "sed" implementations that
munge such a line. Work it around by avoiding to use "sed".
* "git daemon" fails to build from the source under NO_IPV6
configuration (regression in 2.4).
* "git stash pop/apply" forgot to make sure that not just the working
tree is clean but also the index is clean. The latter is important
as a stash application can conflict and the index will be used for
conflict resolution.
* We have prepended $GIT_EXEC_PATH and the path "git" is installed in
(typically "/usr/bin") to $PATH when invoking subprograms and hooks
for almost eternity, but the original use case the latter tried to
support was semi-bogus (i.e. install git to /opt/foo/git and run it
without having /opt/foo on $PATH), and more importantly it has
become less and less relevant as Git grew more mainstream (i.e. the
users would _want_ to have it on their $PATH). Stop prepending the
path in which "git" is installed to users' $PATH, as that would
interfere the command search order people depend on (e.g. they may
not like versions of programs that are unrelated to Git in /usr/bin
and want to override them by having different ones in /usr/local/bin
and have the latter directory earlier in their $PATH).
Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code