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Git v2.8.4 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.8.3
* Documentation for "git merge --verify-signatures" has been updated
to clarify that the signature of only the commit at the tip is
verified. Also the phrasing used for signature and key validity is
adjusted to align with that used by OpenPGP.
* On Windows, .git and optionally any files whose name starts with a
dot are now marked as hidden, with a core.hideDotFiles knob to
customize this behaviour.
* Portability enhancement for "rebase -i" to help platforms whose
shell does not like "for i in <empty>" (which is not POSIX-kosher).
* "git fsck" learned to catch NUL byte in a commit object as
potential error and warn.
* CI test was taught to build documentation pages.
* Many 'linkgit:<git documentation page>' references were broken,
which are all fixed with this.
* "git describe --contains" often made a hard-to-justify choice of
tag to give name to a given commit, because it tried to come up
with a name with smallest number of hops from a tag, causing an old
commit whose close descendant that is recently tagged were not
described with respect to an old tag but with a newer tag. It did
not help that its computation of "hop" count was further tweaked to
penalize being on a side branch of a merge. The logic has been
updated to favor using the tag with the oldest tagger date, which
is a lot easier to explain to the end users: "We describe a commit
in terms of the (chronologically) oldest tag that contains the
* Running tests with '-x' option to trace the individual command
executions is a useful way to debug test scripts, but some tests
that capture the standard error stream and check what the command
said can be broken with the trace output mixed in. When running
our tests under "bash", however, we can redirect the trace output
to another file descriptor to keep the standard error of programs
being tested intact.
* "http.cookieFile" configuration variable clearly wants a pathname,
but we forgot to treat it as such by e.g. applying tilde expansion.
* When de-initialising all submodules, "git submodule deinit" gave a
faulty recommendation to use "git submodule deinit .", which would
result in a strange error message in a pathological corner case.
This has been corrected to suggest "submodule deinit --all" instead.
* Many commands normalize command line arguments from NFD to NFC
variant of UTF-8 on OSX, but commands in the "diff" family did
not, causing "git diff $path" to complain that no such path is
known to Git. They have been taught to do the normalization.
* A couple of bugs around core.autocrlf have been fixed.
* "git difftool" learned to handle unmerged paths correctly in
dir-diff mode.
* The "are we talking with TTY, doing an interactive session?"
detection has been updated to work better for "Git for Windows".
Also contains other minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.