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Release checklist.
: shell; THIS=
: shell; PREV=
- The usual build/test, locally and on private.
- "git shortlog -s v$PREV..maint" and update .mailmap
- Update Documentation/RelNotes/$THIS.txt, make sure RelNotes
points to it, update GIT-VERSION-GEN.
- Proofread RelNotes.
- Commit "GIT $THIS"; create signed tag v$THIS with "GIT
- Push to builder:
: shell; git push builders tag $THIS
: shell; git push builders
- Build on builder; take resulting RPM tarball to;
: builder; cd git.git
: builder; git checkout maint && Meta/DoKernelOrg maint
: builder; cd .. && scp $THIS.tar
- Push to private:
: shell; git push ko-private tag $THIS
: shell; git push ko-private
- Build on
:; cd rpms && tar xf ../$THIS.tar
:; cd ../git.git
:; git checkout maint && Meta/DoKernelOrg maint
- Merge in 'maint' to 'master', and update the "stale" list of
documents in 'master':
: shell; git checkout master
: shell; git merge maint
: shell; edit Documentation/git.txt
: shell; git commit
- Push the results out:
: shell; git push ko tag $THIS
: shell; git push repo tag $THIS
: shell; git push ko
: shell; git push repo
- Extract the documentation on
:; cd /pub/software/scm/git/docs
:; mkdir v$THIS && cd v$THIS
:; tar zxf ../../git-htmldocs-$THIS.tar.gz
- Prepare and send out the announce:
: shell; Meta/Announce maint $PREV
- Update Meta/MaintNotes and send it out (when releasing from