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# Run this script _after_ making a proposed merge into a copy of
# the target branch (e.g. "master") to see if it contains unrelated
# merging back from the upstream.
F=`git diff-tree -r --name-only HEAD^ HEAD`
echo "The topic modifies these paths:"
echo "$F" | sed -e 's/^/ /'
git rev-list --parents master..HEAD^2 |
sed -ne "/^$_x40 $_x40 $_x40/p" |
while read merge first second
# First is the previous cvs topic tip, second is what was merged into
# it. Does the merge have anything to do with adjust the topic to
# updated upstream?
git name-rev "$merge"
out=`git diff-tree --stat "$merge^" "$merge" -- $F`
case "$out" in
echo "* Nothing to do with the topic" ;;
echo "$out" ;;