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Items outstanding:
* Add file to .gitignore or info/excludes.
* Populate the pull menu with local branches.
* Make use of the new default merge data stored in repo-config.
* Checkout a different local branch.
* Push any local branch to a remote branch.
* Merge any local branches through a real merge UI.
* Allow user to define keyboard shortcuts for frequently used fetch
or merge operations. Or maybe just define a keyboard shortcut
for default fetch/default merge of current branch is enough;
but I do know a few users who merge a couple of common branches
also into the same branch so one default isn't quite enough.
* Better organize fetch/push/pull console windows.
* Clone UI (to download a new repository).
* Remotes editor (for .git/config format only).
* Show a shortlog of the last couple of commits in the main window,
to give the user warm fuzzy feelings that we have their data
saved. Actually this may be the set of commits not yet in
the upstream (aka default merge branch remote repository).
* GUI configuration editor for options listed in
git.git/Documentation/config.txt. Ideally this would
parse that file and generate the options dialog from
the documentation itself, and include the help text
from the documentation as part of the UI somehow.
Known bugs:
* git-gui sometimes just closes on Windows with no error message.
I'm not sure what the problem is here. I suspect the wish
process is just terminating due to a segfault or something,
as the do_quit proc in git-gui doesn't run. It often seems to
occur while writing a commit message in the buffer. Odd.