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git-ls-tree - Lists the contents of a tree object.
'git-ls-tree' [-d] [-r] [-t] [-z] [--name-only] [--name-status] <tree-ish> [paths...]
Lists the contents of a given tree object, like what "/bin/ls -a" does
in the current working directory. Note that the usage is subtly different,
though - 'paths' denote just a list of patterns to match, e.g. so specifying
directory name (without '-r') will behave differently, and order of the
arguments does not matter.
Id of a tree-ish.
Show only the named tree entry itself, not its children.
Recurse into sub-trees.
Show tree entries even when going to recurse them. Has no effect
if '-r' was not passed. '-d' implies '-t'.
\0 line termination on output.
List only filenames (instead of the "long" output), one per line.
When paths are given, show them (note that this isn't really raw
pathnames, but rather a list of patterns to match). Otherwise
implicitly uses the root level of the tree as the sole path argument.
Output Format
<mode> SP <type> SP <object> TAB <file>
When the `-z` option is not used, TAB, LF, and backslash characters
in pathnames are represented as `\t`, `\n`, and `\\`, respectively.
Written by Petr Baudis <>
Completely rewritten from scratch by Junio C Hamano <>,
another major rewrite by Linus Torvalds <>
Documentation by David Greaves, Junio C Hamano and the git-list
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