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test_description='read-tree -m -u checks working tree files'
. ./
# two-tree test
test_expect_success 'two-way setup' '
echo >file1 file one &&
echo >file2 file two &&
git update-index --add file1 file2 &&
git commit -m initial &&
git branch side &&
git tag -f branch-point &&
echo file2 is not tracked on the master anymore &&
rm -f file2 &&
git update-index --remove file2 &&
git commit -a -m "master removes file2"
test_expect_success 'two-way not clobbering' '
echo >file2 master creates untracked file2 &&
if err=`git read-tree -m -u master side 2>&1`
echo should have complained
echo "happy to see $err"
# three-tree test
test_expect_success 'three-way not complaining' '
rm -f file2 &&
git checkout side &&
echo >file3 file three &&
git update-index --add file3 &&
git commit -a -m "side adds file3" &&
git checkout master &&
echo >file2 file two is untracked on the master side &&
git-read-tree -m -u branch-point master side