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-n, \--no-summary::
Do not show diffstat at the end of the merge.
Perform the merge but pretend the merge failed and do
not autocommit, to give the user a chance to inspect and
further tweak the merge result before committing.
Produce the working tree and index state as if a real
merge happened, but do not actually make a commit or
move the `HEAD`, nor record `$GIT_DIR/MERGE_HEAD` to
cause the next `git commit` command to create a merge
commit. This allows you to create a single commit on
top of the current branch whose effect is the same as
merging another branch (or more in case of an octopus).
-s <strategy>, \--strategy=<strategy>::
Use the given merge strategy; can be supplied more than
once to specify them in the order they should be tried.
If there is no `-s` option, a built-in list of strategies
is used instead (`git-merge-recursive` when merging a single
head, `git-merge-octopus` otherwise).