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# Copyright (c) 2005 Junio C Hamano
test_description='git update-index nonsense-path test.
This test creates the following structure in the cache:
path0 - a file
path1 - a symlink
path2/file2 - a file in a directory
path3/file3 - a file in a directory
and tries to git update-index --add the following:
path0/file0 - a file in a directory
path1/file1 - a file in a directory
path2 - a file
path3 - a symlink
All of the attempts should fail.
. ./
mkdir path2 path3
date >path0
ln -s xyzzy path1
date >path2/file2
date >path3/file3
test_expect_success \
'git update-index --add to add various paths.' \
'git update-index --add -- path0 path1 path2/file2 path3/file3'
rm -fr path?
mkdir path0 path1
date >path2
ln -s frotz path3
date >path0/file0
date >path1/file1
for p in path0/file0 path1/file1 path2 path3
test_expect_failure \
"git update-index to add conflicting path $p should fail." \
"git update-index --add -- $p"