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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2010 Eric S. Raymond <>
# Distributed under BSD terms.
# This script contains porcelain and porcelain byproducts.
# It's Python because the Python standard libraries avoid portability/security
# issues raised by callouts in the ancestral Perl and sh scripts. It should
# be compatible back to Python 2.1.5
# usage: [-V] [-n] [-p projectname] [refname [commits...]]
# This script is meant to be run either in a post-commit hook or in an
# update hook. If there's nothing unusual about your hosting setup,
# you can specify the project name with a -p option and avoid having
# to modify this script. Try it with -n to see the notification mail
# dumped to stdout and verify that it looks sane. With -V it dumps its
# version and exits.
# In post-commit, run it without arguments (other than possibly a -p
# option). It will query for current HEAD and the latest commit ID to
# get the information it needs.
# In update, call it with a refname followed by a list of commits:
# You want to reverse the order git rev-list emits becxause it lists
# from most recent to oldest.
# /path/to/ ${refname} $(git rev-list ${oldhead}..${newhead} | tac)
# Note: this script uses mail, not XML-RPC, in order to avoid stalling
# until timeout when the CIA XML-RPC server is down.
# The project as known to CIA. You will either want to change this
# or invoke the script with a -p option to set it.
# You may not need to change these:
import os, sys, commands, socket, urllib
# Name of the repository.
# You can hardwire this to make the script faster.
repo = os.path.basename(os.getcwd())
# Fully-qualified domain name of this host.
# You can hardwire this to make the script faster.
host = socket.getfqdn()
# Changeset URL prefix for your repo: when the commit ID is appended
# to this, it should point at a CGI that will display the commit
# through gitweb or something similar. The defaults will probably
# work if you have a typical gitweb/cgit setup.
# The service used to turn your gitwebbish URL into a tinyurl so it
# will take up less space on the IRC notification line.
tinyifier = ""
# The template used to generate the XML messages to CIA. You can make
# visible changes to the IRC-bot notification lines by hacking this.
# The default will produce a notfication line that looks like this:
# ${project}: ${author} ${repo}:${branch} * ${rev} ${files}: ${logmsg} ${url}
# By omitting $files you can collapse the files part to a single slash.
xml = '''\
<name>CIA Python client for Git</name>
<log>%(logmsg)s %(url)s</log>
# No user-serviceable parts below this line:
# Addresses for the e-mail. The from address is a dummy, since CIA
# will never reply to this mail.
fromaddr = "CIABOT-NOREPLY@" + host
toaddr = ""
# Identify the generator script.
# Should only change when the script itself gets a new home and maintainer.
def do(command):
return commands.getstatusoutput(command)[1]
def report(refname, merged):
"Generate a commit notification to be reported to CIA"
# Try to tinyfy a reference to a web view for this commit.
url = open(urllib.urlretrieve(tinyifier + urlprefix + merged)[0]).read()
url = urlprefix + merged
branch = os.path.basename(refname)
# Compute a shortnane for the revision
rev = do("git describe '"+ merged +"' 2>/dev/null") or merged[:12]
# Extract the neta-information for the commit
rawcommit = do("git cat-file commit " + merged)
files=do("git diff-tree -r --name-only '"+ merged +"' | sed -e '1d' -e 's-.*-<file>&</file>-'")
inheader = True
headers = {}
logmsg = ""
for line in rawcommit.split("\n"):
if inheader:
if line:
fields = line.split()
headers[fields[0]] = " ".join(fields[1:])
inheader = False
logmsg = line
(author, ts) = headers["author"].split(">")
# This discards the part of the authors addrsss after @.
# Might be bnicece to ship the full email address, if not
# for spammers' address harvesters - getting this wrong
# would make the freenode #commits channel into harvester heaven.
author = author.replace("<", "").split("@")[0].split()[-1]
# This ignores the timezone. Not clear what to do with it...
ts = ts.strip().split()[0]
context = locals()
out = xml % context
message = '''\
Message-ID: <%(merged)s.%(author)s@%(project)s>
From: %(fromaddr)s
To: %(toaddr)s
Content-type: text/xml
Subject: DeliverXML
%(out)s''' % locals()
return message
if __name__ == "__main__":
import getopt
(options, arguments) = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "np:V")
except getopt.GetoptError, msg:
print " " + str(msg)
raise SystemExit, 1
mailit = True
for (switch, val) in options:
if switch == '-p':
project = val
elif switch == '-n':
mailit = False
elif switch == '-V':
print " version 3.2"
# Cough and die if user has not specified a project
if not project:
sys.stderr.write(" no project specified, bailing out.\n")
# We'll need the git version number.
gitver = do("git --version").split()[0]
urlprefix = urlprefix % globals()
# The script wants a reference to head followed by the list of
# commit ID to report about.
if len(arguments) == 0:
refname = do("git symbolic-ref HEAD 2>/dev/null")
merges = [do("git rev-parse HEAD")]
refname = arguments[0]
merges = arguments[1:]
if mailit:
import smtplib
server = smtplib.SMTP('localhost')
for merged in merges:
message = report(refname, merged)
if mailit:
server.sendmail(fromaddr, [toaddr], message)
print message
if mailit: