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test_description='applying patch that has broken whitespaces in context'
. ./
test_expect_success setup '
>file &&
git add file &&
# file-0 is full of whitespace breakages
for l in a bb c d eeee f ggg h
echo "$l "
done >file-0 &&
# patch-0 creates a whitespace broken file
cat file-0 >file &&
git diff >patch-0 &&
git add file &&
# file-1 is still full of whitespace breakages,
# but has one line updated, without fixing any
# whitespaces.
# patch-1 records that change.
sed -e "s/d/D/" file-0 >file-1 &&
cat file-1 >file &&
git diff >patch-1 &&
# patch-all is the effect of both patch-0 and patch-1
>file &&
git add file &&
cat file-1 >file &&
git diff >patch-all &&
# patch-2 is the same as patch-1 but is based
# on a version that already has whitespace fixed,
# and does not introduce whitespace breakages.
sed -e "s/ \$//" patch-1 >patch-2 &&
# If all whitespace breakages are fixed the contents
# should look like file-fixed
sed -e "s/ \$//" file-1 >file-fixed
test_expect_success nofix '
>file &&
git add file &&
# Baseline. Applying without fixing any whitespace
# breakages.
git apply --whitespace=nowarn patch-0 &&
git apply --whitespace=nowarn patch-1 &&
# The result should obviously match.
test_cmp file-1 file
test_expect_success 'withfix (forward)' '
>file &&
git add file &&
# The first application will munge the context lines
# the second patch depends on. We should be able to
# adjust and still apply.
git apply --whitespace=fix patch-0 &&
git apply --whitespace=fix patch-1 &&
test_cmp file-fixed file
test_expect_success 'withfix (backward)' '
>file &&
git add file &&
# Now we have a whitespace breakages on our side.
git apply --whitespace=nowarn patch-0 &&
# And somebody sends in a patch based on image
# with whitespace already fixed.
git apply --whitespace=fix patch-2 &&
# The result should accept the whitespace fixed
# postimage. But the line with "h" is beyond context
# horizon and left unfixed.
sed -e /h/d file-fixed >fixed-head &&
sed -e /h/d file >file-head &&
test_cmp fixed-head file-head &&
sed -n -e /h/p file-fixed >fixed-tail &&
sed -n -e /h/p file >file-tail &&
! test_cmp fixed-tail file-tail