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This repository is for testing the ability to group revisions
correctly along tags and branches. Here is its history:
1. The initial import (revision 1.1 of everybody) created a
directory structure with a file named `default' in each dir:
2. Then tagged everyone with T_ALL_INITIAL_FILES.
3. Then tagged everyone except sub1/subsubB/default with
4. Then created branch B_FROM_INITIALS on everyone.
5. Then created branch B_FROM_INITIALS_BUT_ONE on everyone except
6. Then committed modifications to two files: sub3/default, and
7. Then committed a modification to all 7 files.
8. Then backdated sub3/default to revision 1.2, and
sub2/subsubA/default to revision 1.1, and tagged with T_MIXED.
9. Same as 8, but tagged with -b to create branch B_MIXED.
10. Switched the working copy to B_MIXED, and added
sub2/branch_B_MIXED_only. (That's why the RCS file is in
sub2/Attic/ -- it never existed on trunk.)
11. In one commit, modified default, sub1/default, and
sub2/subsubA/default, on branch B_MIXED.
12. Did "cvs up -A" on sub2/default, then in one commit, made a
change to sub2/default and sub2/branch_B_MIXED_only. So this
commit should be spread between the branch and the trunk.
13. Do "cvs up -A" to get everyone back to trunk, then make a new
branch B_SPLIT on everyone except sub1/subsubB/default,v.
14. Switch to branch B_SPLIT (see sub1/subsubB/default disappear)
and commit a change that affects everyone except sub3/default.
15. An hour or so later, "cvs up -A" to get sub1/subsubB/default
back, then commit a change on that file, on trunk. (It's
important that this change happened after the previous commits
on B_SPLIT.)
16. Branch sub1/subsubB/default to B_SPLIT, then "cvs up -r B_SPLIT"
to switch the whole working copy to the branch.
17. Commit a change on B_SPLIT, to sub1/subsubB/default and