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test_description='Tests pack performance using bitmaps'
. ./
# note that we do everything through config,
# since we want to be able to compare bitmap-aware
# git versus non-bitmap git
# We intentionally use the deprecated pack.writebitmaps
# config so that we can test against older versions of git.
test_expect_success 'setup bitmap config' '
git config pack.writebitmaps true
test_perf 'repack to disk' '
git repack -ad
test_perf 'simulated clone' '
git pack-objects --stdout --all </dev/null >/dev/null
test_perf 'simulated fetch' '
have=$(git rev-list HEAD~100 -1) &&
echo HEAD &&
echo ^$have
} | git pack-objects --revs --stdout >/dev/null
test_perf 'pack to file' '
git pack-objects --all pack1 </dev/null >/dev/null
test_perf 'pack to file (bitmap)' '
git pack-objects --use-bitmap-index --all pack1b </dev/null >/dev/null
test_expect_success 'create partial bitmap state' '
# pick a commit to represent the repo tip in the past
cutoff=$(git rev-list HEAD~100 -1) &&
orig_tip=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
# now kill off all of the refs and pretend we had
# just the one tip
rm -rf .git/logs .git/refs/* .git/packed-refs &&
git update-ref HEAD $cutoff &&
# and then repack, which will leave us with a nice
# big bitmap pack of the "old" history, and all of
# the new history will be loose, as if it had been pushed
# up incrementally and exploded via unpack-objects
git repack -Ad &&
# and now restore our original tip, as if the pushes
# had happened
git update-ref HEAD $orig_tip
test_perf 'clone (partial bitmap)' '
git pack-objects --stdout --all </dev/null >/dev/null
test_perf 'pack to file (partial bitmap)' '
git pack-objects --use-bitmap-index --all pack2b </dev/null >/dev/null