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# git-gui font chooser
# Copyright (C) 2007 Shawn Pearce
class choose_font {
field w
field w_family ; # UI widget of all known family names
field w_example ; # Example to showcase the chosen font
field f_family ; # Currently chosen family name
field f_size ; # Currently chosen point size
field v_family ; # Name of global variable for family
field v_size ; # Name of global variable for size
variable all_families [list] ; # All fonts known to Tk
constructor pick {path title a_family a_size} {
variable all_families
global use_ttk NS
set v_family $a_family
set v_size $a_size
upvar #0 $v_family pv_family
upvar #0 $v_size pv_size
set f_family $pv_family
set f_size $pv_size
make_dialog top w
wm withdraw $top
wm title $top "[appname] ([reponame]): $title"
wm geometry $top "+[winfo rootx $path]+[winfo rooty $path]"
${NS}::label $w.header -text $title -font font_uibold -anchor center
pack $w.header -side top -fill x
${NS}::frame $w.buttons
${NS}::button $ \
-text [mc Select] \
-default active \
-command [cb _select]
${NS}::button $w.buttons.cancel \
-text [mc Cancel] \
-command [list destroy $w]
pack $ -side right
pack $w.buttons.cancel -side right -padx 5
pack $w.buttons -side bottom -fill x -pady 10 -padx 10
${NS}::frame $w.inner
${NS}::frame $
${NS}::label $ \
-text [mc "Font Family"] \
-anchor w
set w_family $
text $w_family \
-background white \
-foreground black \
-borderwidth 1 \
-relief sunken \
-cursor $::cursor_ptr \
-wrap none \
-width 30 \
-height 10 \
-yscrollcommand [list $ set]
rmsel_tag $w_family
${NS}::scrollbar $ -command [list $w_family yview]
pack $ -side top -fill x
pack $ -side right -fill y
pack $w_family -fill both -expand 1
${NS}::frame $w.inner.size
${NS}::label $w.inner.size.l \
-text [mc "Font Size"] \
-anchor w
tspinbox $w.inner.size.v \
-textvariable @f_size \
-from 2 -to 80 -increment 1 \
-width 3
bind $w.inner.size.v <FocusIn> {%W selection range 0 end}
pack $w.inner.size.l -fill x -side top
pack $w.inner.size.v -fill x -padx 2
grid configure $ $w.inner.size -sticky nsew
grid rowconfigure $w.inner 0 -weight 1
grid columnconfigure $w.inner 0 -weight 1
pack $w.inner -fill both -expand 1 -padx 5 -pady 5
${NS}::frame $w.example
${NS}::label $w.example.l \
-text [mc "Font Example"] \
-anchor w
set w_example $w.example.t
text $w_example \
-background white \
-foreground black \
-borderwidth 1 \
-relief sunken \
-height 3 \
-width 40
rmsel_tag $w_example
$w_example tag conf example -justify center
$w_example insert end [mc "This is example text.\nIf you like this text, it can be your font."] example
$w_example conf -state disabled
pack $w.example.l -fill x
pack $w_example -fill x
pack $w.example -fill x -padx 5
if {$all_families eq {}} {
set all_families [lsort [font families]]
$w_family tag conf pick
$w_family tag bind pick <Button-1> [cb _pick_family %x %y]\;break
foreach f $all_families {
set sel [list pick]
if {$f eq $f_family} {
lappend sel in_sel
$w_family insert end "$f\n" $sel
$w_family conf -state disabled
_update $this
trace add variable @f_size write [cb _update]
bind $w <Key-Escape> [list destroy $w]
bind $w <Key-Return> [cb _select]\;break
bind $w <Visibility> "
grab $w
focus $w
wm deiconify $w
tkwait window $w
method _select {} {
upvar #0 $v_family pv_family
upvar #0 $v_size pv_size
set pv_family $f_family
set pv_size $f_size
destroy $w
method _pick_family {x y} {
variable all_families
set i [lindex [split [$w_family index @$x,$y] .] 0]
set n [lindex $all_families [expr {$i - 1}]]
if {$n ne {}} {
$w_family tag remove in_sel 0.0 end
$w_family tag add in_sel $i.0 [expr {$i + 1}].0
set f_family $n
_update $this
method _update {args} {
variable all_families
set i [lsearch -exact $all_families $f_family]
if {$i < 0} return
$w_example tag conf example -font [list $f_family $f_size]
$w_family see [expr {$i + 1}].0