Flesh out the conduct policy

Discussing community dynamics can be uncomfortable for people at
times, so we want to make sure attendees are able to discuss in a
reasonable way without fear of being attacked on the basis of who they
are or on the basis of any missteps they make while discussing (since
we're all human).

Git's code of conduct says that people can report instances of
harrassing or other problematic behavior by contacting the project
team at git@sfconservancy.org.  During this event, encourage
contacting the organizers instead, since they're likely to have more
context and be able to address things more directly (and sooner).

As suggested by Floor Drees, use the more specific wording from the
contributor covenant version 2.0 as a guide for how organizers will
handle code of conduct issues during this event.

Also reemphasize that the usual Git code of conduct still applies; in
particular, any issues that the event organizers should not handle
(for example because they involve the event organizers) can still be
reported to the project leadership committee as described there.

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